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The enterprise Golang REST API framework

Goyave is an opinionated all-in-one Golang web framework focused on REST APIs, with emphasis on code reliability, maintainability and developer experience.

Clean code

Build robust and future-proof applications brimming with elegance thanks to the strong architecture and conventions the framework provides.

Developer experience

Backend development is made easy and enjoyable. An extensive documentation will answer all your questions.


Applications are reliable and resilient out of the box thanks to advanced error handling, recovery and extensive testing.

Faster development

Setup your project with no friction. Enjoy a complete suite of powerful features and tools, without bloat or magic. Save time.

Start creating value, right now!

Focus on the business logic of your application instead of spending time on technical aspects.

RoutingControllersMiddlewareParsingValidationTransactionsAuthenticationConfigurationTestingDatabaseORMLocalizationError handlingStructured loggingCORSFile systemsWebsocketsDynamic filteringDTO conversionModel mappingData exploration

Ready for the real world

Designed with business constraints and use-cases in mind.
These companies already use Goyave in production:

And that's not all!

Goyave has so much more to offer.

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